Monday, May 23, 2011

The Incredibles Rise of The Underminer


The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer is a video game and sequel to the animated film The Incredibles. It features Mr. Incredible and Frozone fighting The Underminer's legion of robot minions. The game features appearances by the rest of the Incredibles, though they are not playable characters. John Ratzenberger reprises his role of the Underminer in the video game while the other characters from the film are voiced by different actors.

The game starts off with the final movie scene in which the Parr family walk out from Dash's race, and then the Underminer drills out of the ground and monologues on how he will rule the world, as the Incredibles get into their suits and prepare for battle. The game then takes its own storyline as the Incredibles face off against the Underminer. Frozone comes in and the six Supers face off against the supervillain. Before they can confront him, however, drills and robots come out of the ground like moles in a garden. Mr. Incredible tells his family to stop the drills.

Then Mr. Incredible and Frozone team up and agree to get to the Underminer before he causes any more damage. Along the way, the two Supers fight against robots and avoid things falling out of the sky thanks to the Underminer's attack (a la, cars, boulders). The two get to the Underminer's machine, but he quickly escapes underground. Mr. Incredible and Frozone venture underground and fight more robots. As they continue on, Mr. Incredible and Frozone get to a computer that maps out the Underminer's plans and they learn of the Magnomizer, a machine that he has built which can be a threat to the world (extreme pollution) if it is not stopped. In order to stop it, the two Supers must go through the Sludge Station.



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