Friday, October 25, 2013

BattleField 3 With Update 4 Repack

BattleField 3 With Update 4 Repack | 8.676 GB 
Release Date: 17/4/2012 
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA DICE 
Platform: PC 
Language: English 
Genre: First-Person Shooters 

The new shooter famous Battlefield series was created using cutting-edge software technology Frostbite 2. He leaves all competitors far behind in quality of graphics, sound effects and character animation, in addition, the project implemented a global system of destruction of game objects.

Large-scale crafted to the finest detail the gaming world, the possibility of complete destruction of all that surrounds virtual soldiers, a variety of military equipment - in Battlefield 3 improved all the key features of the series. Players will experience a powerful surge of adrenaline, just like in real combat. Explosions, bullets whistling and the roar of shells, crumbling buildings - never had the battlefield does not look so real. 
In Battlefield 3 in the ranks of the brave American Marines players will take part in a fictional international conflicts in different parts of the globe - from the crowded streets of Paris and New York to the desert outskirts of Tehran. In single-player campaign, multiplayer mode, and passing a joint military action will unfold on the ground, air, sea space - depending on the locations of the operations have varied tactics. 

Install Notes

Mouth or Burn 
Run "Setup.exe" 





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