Sunday, June 12, 2011

Age of Empire 3


Age of Empires III new game in the famous series of strategies, which gained worldwide recognition for its innovative and fun gameplay. Take the reins of government one of eight European powers and led the conquest of the New World. Colonize the vast unexplored land of America and conquer wealth and power, worthy of the greatest empires.

Age Of Empires 3: The WarChiefs lets you lead one of three civilizations, Native Americans, who will fight for their land and independence. In addition to the new civilizations (the Iroquois, Sioux and Aztecs), the addition will bring new gameplay elements, campaigns, maps, and new types of units. Addon devoted to the epic war between the three Indian tribes. New single-player campaign will consist of 15 missions, telling how the original, coherent story. In addition to three brand new party, continued to add new content to the game for European metropolitan areas, several previously unseen units to the already familiar nations, a randomly pair of cards and an expanded system of collecting statistics in multiplayer.



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