Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution


Main character name Jensen, Adam, and he works in the security service corporation Sarif Industries, a world leader in the production of implants for people. Under the cover of the crowd, opposed to augmentation, at company headquarters in Detroit, committed by an organized attack. Unknown kiberusovershenstvovannye agents provoke the police, restraining riots open fire on the rebellious people. During the attack is killed many of those whom the hero was supposed to protect. The likely target assault – failure of the study, which is currently engaged scientists Sarif Industries. Adam himself was severely crippled. To find out who was behind the attack, the man goes through the implantation of the implants (judging from the comic: the brain were installed amplifiers are replaced by hands, feet, implanted armor, built-in artificial eyes), and begins his own investigation



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