Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bionic Comando


The hero, famous for more than twenty years ago in a game Bionic Commando sample of 1988 returns! Fate cruelly cost with Nathan Spencer. Having gained a heavy victory over the enemies of his state, he found himself does not need its own government. Moreover, the authorities saw Nathan threat and decided to get rid of him - a soldier accused of crimes he did not commit, and sentenced to death.

You should have died at the hands of the executioner veteran, will not appear on the horizon, a new threat. Right in the day of the execution of Nathan some terrorist organization attacked the city Esenshn City (Ascension City). Using experimental weapons of mass destruction, the extremists have caused massive earthquake, which turned a metropolis in ruins. In addition, criminals have established control over the city's anti-aircraft guns, depriving the government the possibility to send troops by air. As a result, the government there is nothing left but to hastily amnesty trusted in combat commando and send it to the enemy's rear!



]► Part 1 download
]► Part 2 download
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