Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deep Black


Grandfantasticthird-party action Deep Black gives you a unique insight intothemysterious depths of the black abyss, armed with the mostpowerfulsci-fi gear, jet-pack, a unique underwater weapons and otherhigh-techinventions of the future ...The game Deep Blackfirst workedout the incredible dynamics of battles - both in thedarkest depths ofthe oceans and on land. This was made possiblethrough the use of modernrealistic physical effects in the underwaterenvironment. Thus, DeepBlack will show you the depth of fear of theocean abyss, and theunpredictability of the battle for the rightcause. Magnificentintriguing story takes you in the near future - aworld of instability,chaos, espionage, terrorism, and a fiercestruggle for world dominationand the possession of the latestbiological weapons



]► Part 1 download
]► Part 2 download
]► Part 3 download
]► Part 4 download

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